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About Philippa Keeling, Garden and Landscape designer

Why garden and landscape design?

I design primarily because of my love of land and the relationship between building and environment. Land and the environment have always held a great interest for me and there is no greater teacher than nature itself. Land sculptures that are formed naturally and natural planting levels that I see every day on my dog walks, hold great inspiration for me.

I approach design from how a property is set in its surroundings, together with the architecture, I create a design that is both sympathetic to the land as well as appropriate for its use. The relationship between building and the wider property is fundamental to the final outcome. Planting is used as structure and to bring the design alive, with a strong emphasis on softening and introducing a wonderful splash of colour ... colours being very important to blend together beautifully.

Having lived in many different parts of the world on many contrasting and exciting properties a fascination with environment and differing styles was instilled in me very early in life. The ideas of implementing and exploring ideas in architecture, geometry, form and function is a natural extension.

When an opportunity arose 14 years ago to further develop my creative side to complement and balance my previous corporate business experience I knew it was right for me. During my previous career I was a problem solver and find that applying that to design is a perfect fit as there are many practical aspects that need to be considered in the management of projects, for example, drainage and construction.


Philippa’s pre design work history

I previously worked in Advertising, Retail and Human Resources,
IT, Marketing and Business consultancy.

London, Johannesburg, New York NY and Greenwich CT.

Horticulture and design training:


Philippa Keeling Garden & Landscape Design

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